Having A Rough Dry Spell In Your Sex Life? 5 Ways To Get Going Again!

It is not uncommon to go through a dry spell of sex life especially if you are not in a relationship. Committed guys do get their share of booties on a regular basis but single ones, aah here the real pain lies!

In this blog, I am going to give you guys 5 of the most basic and most trustable tips which will end your dry run and bring sex back to your life:

1. Good Shape is Important! You Need To Be Fit.

According to this research, 89.2% girls prefer to date guys who take care of their health and are fit by their standards. This is no Joke. Dating is the first game you need to crack in order to get laid again and if you are not fit enough on a date, chances are, you have already blown it off!

Join a gym and be a regular. It helps in cutting down the piled up testosterone which gets accumulated in the body if you are not engaged in sexual activities for long enough.

Now, don’t think that you have to have a muscular body to score on your first night. That’s a big misconception. Even the Escorts Toronto prefer men who are lean, fit, hygienic and healthy.

2. Don’t Ask Her To Have Sex On The First Date – Take Her Out At least 6 Times Before Doing it For The First Time

Don’t be a freaky creep by asking her to have sex on the first night. That’s dubious, irritating, kiddish and extremely unpolite – all at the same time.

You need to build up your game and increase the excitement before going for the treasure. A theory suggests that men who take the girls out on at least 6 dates before having sex with them, end up getting more sex than the men who take them out less.

Even if it’s not a fact, there is nothing wrong with being a bit patient and chivalrous, especially when you are going through a dry spell.

3. Break The Porn Pattern And Drive Your Sexual Energy On Real Attempts

Watching porn and satisfying your sex needs becomes kind of a habit if you haven’t got laid for a long time. It feels great to be in your comfy place, doesn’t it?

It’s a trap and believe me, if you don’t break this ongoing vicious cycle of Eat – Porn – Sleep, you are in there for a long ride. A ride which you never intended to take.

Best way to deal with this? Get off your lazy chair and hit the streets. When you actively look for a partner, your sexual energies help you to locate one. That’s crazy but it works – Given that you are not a creep or a stalker.

4. Keep Your Style And Dressing Simple – Don’t Overdo It!

You are supposed to look normal when you meet your probable partner. Anything too tacky or extra fashionable comes to the eyes in a negative manner. Build up your personality so that you don’t need to work too hard on the whole dressing and styling game.

Wear a simple but good looking suit, a nice pair of shoes, a decent watch and a bit of good perfume. That’s it.

5. Spice Up Your Personality

Body language is essential to master if you are serious about getting laid. If your personality game is a go, there is nothing which can stop you from getting laid in the subsequent dates.

These tips will surely help you in becoming a master of seduction and when you go for it, make sure that you try these kinky things with your partner and give her a really good time.

Lifestyle of an Escort: From an Escort

Being in the escort services for more 3 years now, I’m still learning the ropes of being a good service provider. Well, it is not like a 9 to 6 job where you spend your weekdays scribbling before your work computers and party hard in weekends. In our job field, it is party every single day.

I’m sorry I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Shelly and as you would have known by now, I’m an escort. Toronto escorts approached me to write a guest post on the lifestyle of an escort strictly from an escort’s point of view. Believe me when I say it, there is nothing I would have done other than this even given a chance. This is so amazing.

I’m writing these experiences which all of the escorts in Toronto will relate to.

Since I’m not an independent service provider, my agency takes up the orders and I am the one who provides my services. Services range from a casual companionship to a sexual girl friend experience. In my experience, I have had more requests for a casual companionship. I guess the world is changing afterall. Just kidding!

There is no routine in our lives. We live it to the fullest. I wake up, run my daily errands, and try to be master of atleast a new skill which I would like to have in my disposal. We have a lot of free time and we even get paid for that. There is no better job than this.

People might think that this is a disgusting line of work but it is not. Like any other business, this is a business too. So what there is sex involved? It is as natural as growing old. Isn’t it? Why so much hue and cry when escorts make money for providing sexual services to those who can afford them?

One of my friends who work in Toronto escorts who has specifically asked me to add this part in my blog:

Escorts love shopping


Yes, we love shopping like any other girl you know. Infact, we do more shopping than girls working in usual workplaces. The idea is simple; you’ll have to look attractive in order to increase your demand among the clients. If we don’t look beautiful, gods bless us!

Escorts like healthy food


Healthy food and supplements are the major requirements to deal with if you are from escort industry. We need to be slim and beautiful. Well, I don’t know about others but I love eating healthy food. I even get paid to consume healthy food. See? Win-win situation in any case.

Escorts do invest for future economic freedom


What do you think we are? A bunch of dumb girls who have no idea about savings and investments? For your information, most of the professional escorts come from good to excellent academic backgrounds. That Includes me. I have done my graduation and then I worked for an MNC for 2 years. Shocked?

Most of the escort girls are aware of their expenditure and also know that there is no job security in this field. So, before turning 30, we save a hell lot more than other professionals save in their lifetime.

This is all for now fellas. Let me know if you need more help in understanding an escort’s perception on anything through the comment section. Till next time!

– Guest blog post by Shelly


How To Party – The Escort Style?

Escorts have a wonderful profession. They tend to meet a lot of people, they get to learn different perspectives of life and get to see a lot of places. Needless to say, they make a hell lot of money too. And with that kind of money, you can lead a very lavish life. And with this kind of money, a stereotype is born, and that is that escorts like to party. It is true. However there is one more thing you probably didn’t know- Escorts like to party hard!

A general day at the lounge involves a few drinks and sexy dances. Yes, the steps can put professionals to shame, and it is indeed a site to behold. The girls tend to make conversations and just get on with their life. Many girls also do some steamy things which would make your brain go out, but lets just leave it for another blog post when we would discuss it in detail. But drinking at bars and lounges, is it all they do? No, if it were so, there would not have been a need for this post.

Escorts tend to spend their money on a lot of different things and this involves branded clothing and accessories as well as phones and other stuff. One of the major expenses is, as you might have guessed it, partying. Toronto escorts have known to frequent many of the famous North American destinations in order to party and enjoy their life. Which ones? We bring you a list.

Las Vegas

Like if there ever was a doubt that Vegas wouldn’t be on the top of this list. Partying, drinking and gambling, you name it and they love to do it. Most of the Toronto escorts have put Las Vegas at the top of their list of preferred destinations to party. With the glitter that is around and the never sleeping city, Vegas is the city to be, if you want to party.


If there were to be a city second to Las Vegas, it had to be Florida. The city has got all the perfect ingredients to party. With the kind of nightlife that the city has, you also get a beach to hang around during the day time, life could not have been more awesome. You can spend the entire day hanging around the clubs or the diners and have fun.


This is perhaps the most frequently visited city by Toronto escorts when they have to party and they haven’t planned enough. Whenever the sudden wish to party arises, Montreal is the choice. The city unarguably has among the best night life in Canada and it has got everything you name- bars, pubs, casinos, strip clubs everything. If you live so close, and you do not visit Montreal every once in a while, you are missing out on your life buddy.

Other Honorable Mentions:

Chicago, Austin and San Diego – All these places are frequented by escorts too to cool out and hang around just in case work has been too demanding or if they haven’t been out in a while.

So, the next time you want to party at these destinations, know that these places give hard ons to your favorite escorts too.

Want To Juice Up Your Sex Life? Get An Escort

Relationships and sex go hand in hand. And while you might be aware that relationships are important in order to get regular intimacy and sex, having quality intimate encounters are also important for the survival of a relationship. If the partners are not engaging in quality sex, it can often hamper the natural flow of communication in a relationship. Things can really escalate from that point onward and small fights can occur over the most trivial of things. This can go on for a while until one of the partners hits their breaking point and the fight becomes too large to handle. As a result, both partners part ways and the relationship comes to an effective end.

But they were such a happy couple, why did they decide to break up? Well, the answer is they didn’t. It was not that they were not happy with each other, they just could not realize which mistakes they had to correct. Every relationship when it begins is sparks flying everywhere, intimacy all around and love is in the air, everywhere. But how things are handled beyond this phase is what really matters. After a few months, relationships tend to become monotonous and activities become routine. Such a situation can put the very existence of a relationship in danger. In such scenarios, hiring Toronto escorts can provide a couple with many benefits. Such encounters are discreet and hence there is absolutely no chance of the word getting out. Moreover, escorts are trained individuals and they can handle whatever you want to experiment. Some escorts even enjoy serving a couple more. With escorts, you have things under control and you can rest free and enjoy the experience.

Hot Escort
Hot Escort

There are many couples who realize the presence of monotony in their relationship and want to do something about it. Some delve into new ventures, like BDSM while some people want to try bringing in an additional partner into the equation, whereas some people want to try both, at once. Finding a third person who might be open and willing to participate with you too can be quite tiring. Approaching a person for such a thing has its own set of worries. One wrong move, and you could become the talk of the town. The next problem is, many a time the third person can become overly attached to one of the partners in the relation, and this can destroy the entire equation of the arrangement as it can cause some serious insecurity.

Such situations too can easily be remedied by hiring an escort. Escorts have been participating in such arrangements for years now. If your partner is unresponsive, or worse- incompatible with your kink list, Toronto escorts can also help you with that. The advantage with escorts is that you get to enjoy intimacy without the risk of the word getting out. You can enjoy all your wildest fantasies coming true with girls from Ace Toronto escorts and you wouldn’t have to worry about a thing. Hiring an escort saves you and your partners from dealing with the unnecessary fights and the mental trauma you both have to bear because of mismatch in kinks. You can enjoy all your fantasies coming true without having to worry about a thing.

General information on the services of Toronto escorts

Toronto is the best place for the vacation and also it is in more and more fame these days. Huge crowd of people are visiting for enjoying the Toronto vacations and the majority of people visiting to the Toronto are bachelors. The bachelors are just crazy to visit the Toronto and the biggest reason behind this is the Toronto escorts and also the best services you are getting along with the Toronto escorts. There are various amenities you are getting and also the fun gained is just awesome and very unique experience of your vacations.

The best service you get from the Toronto escort is that they are available for you at any time and also for all the time. They are even providing you the in and out both the services and so it’s best to have the fun with the Toronto escorts. The escorts Toronto are also available for you to work such as they are coming with you to any of the social event or also they could also come to your house or else you could even go for the hotels with them. You could even enjoy visiting the events with Toronto escort and have the enjoyable company with them.

Other best thing about the escorts Toronto is that they can even visit with you as per your demand and so you could ask them to wear the outfits as per your choice. These all the services as per your demand are been provided to you and so you could just enjoy with theToronto escort and love to have the best time of your life in the Toronto. Apart from this there are even various other services which you could get and for that you can just visit to them and contact them and have the best time always.