Having A Rough Dry Spell In Your Sex Life? 5 Ways To Get Going Again!

It is not uncommon to go through a dry spell of sex life especially if you are not in a relationship. Committed guys do get their share of booties on a regular basis but single ones, aah here the real pain lies!

In this blog, I am going to give you guys 5 of the most basic and most trustable tips which will end your dry run and bring sex back to your life:

1. Good Shape is Important! You Need To Be Fit.

According to this research, 89.2% girls prefer to date guys who take care of their health and are fit by their standards. This is no Joke. Dating is the first game you need to crack in order to get laid again and if you are not fit enough on a date, chances are, you have already blown it off!

Join a gym and be a regular. It helps in cutting down the piled up testosterone which gets accumulated in the body if you are not engaged in sexual activities for long enough.

Now, don’t think that you have to have a muscular body to score on your first night. That’s a big misconception. Even the Escorts Toronto prefer men who are lean, fit, hygienic and healthy.

2. Don’t Ask Her To Have Sex On The First Date – Take Her Out At least 6 Times Before Doing it For The First Time

Don’t be a freaky creep by asking her to have sex on the first night. That’s dubious, irritating, kiddish and extremely unpolite – all at the same time.

You need to build up your game and increase the excitement before going for the treasure. A theory suggests that men who take the girls out on at least 6 dates before having sex with them, end up getting more sex than the men who take them out less.

Even if it’s not a fact, there is nothing wrong with being a bit patient and chivalrous, especially when you are going through a dry spell.

3. Break The Porn Pattern And Drive Your Sexual Energy On Real Attempts

Watching porn and satisfying your sex needs becomes kind of a habit if you haven’t got laid for a long time. It feels great to be in your comfy place, doesn’t it?

It’s a trap and believe me, if you don’t break this ongoing vicious cycle of Eat – Porn – Sleep, you are in there for a long ride. A ride which you never intended to take.

Best way to deal with this? Get off your lazy chair and hit the streets. When you actively look for a partner, your sexual energies help you to locate one. That’s crazy but it works – Given that you are not a creep or a stalker.

4. Keep Your Style And Dressing Simple – Don’t Overdo It!

You are supposed to look normal when you meet your probable partner. Anything too tacky or extra fashionable comes to the eyes in a negative manner. Build up your personality so that you don’t need to work too hard on the whole dressing and styling game.

Wear a simple but good looking suit, a nice pair of shoes, a decent watch and a bit of good perfume. That’s it.

5. Spice Up Your Personality

Body language is essential to master if you are serious about getting laid. If your personality game is a go, there is nothing which can stop you from getting laid in the subsequent dates.

These tips will surely help you in becoming a master of seduction and when you go for it, make sure that you try these kinky things with your partner and give her a really good time.