7 Kinky Things You Need Do This Weekend (Watch Out For 6th One – Not For Noobs!)

The weekend is here and we all have some time to spare. Work has been hectic and we all know it. In the busy schedule of professional life, we often lose the inner connection that we have with ourselves and hence end up frustrated many a time. We seem to lose touch with our inner self and sometimes even act unlike ourselves. People tend to get so tired and energy less that they start seeing bedroom only as a place to sleep and nothing else.

But not anymore, today we bring out a list of 7 kinky things to do this weekend which will not only bring the excitement back in your life, but also rekindle the excitement you have towards being back in your bedroom. So let us begin:

1. Blowjobs

As cliched as it may sound, blowjobs are the number one way to lose steam both in a short and a long span of time. A blowjob is not just a raunchy act of sex to be performed stealthily, but rather an act of intimacy and love which indicates a deep bond between the partners.

Blowjobs when coupled with a menthol candy can be a real stimulant and can really make things reach a next level. The mint adds to sensations and gives the receiver new heights of pleasure. Many users who have tried this add on have reported that their sex life will never be the same. Many admitted to having been addicted to the cooling sensation. If your partner can get a bit creative and use blowing air out of his or her mouth to improve on the experience. There are a lot other things that can be used too, such as chocolates etc.

2. Cunnilingus

Men often act selfish when it comes to oral sex. While they love getting a blowjob from their partners, they seldom show the same enthusiasm while having to return the favour. However, for many women it is very important. I repeat it is very very important for women to receive cunnilingus. Even more important than sex itself.


This might come to most men as a shocker, but many women in our surveys have admitted that they enjoyed oral more than they enjoyed penetration, or atleast, a majority of them agreed on the fact that cunnilingus was something in their bedroom that they cannot easily overlook. So its time for our male and female readers to take a clue and go down on her.

Like with blowjobs, you too can spice up the act with some simple items. Mint and ice again come to the rescue. While mint gives a cool sensation, ice defuses the physical tension and gives a change of sensations and delays the orgasm, thereby making it often more pleasurable.

3. Using Ice In Your Bedroom

Both ice and hot wax have been used for ages to heighten sensory pleasure in the intimate acts of love. While wax is hot, and most newbies might have a strong reaction to it, ice is something that can be easily introduced in your bedroom and involved into your daily acts of love. You could run ice cubes all over your partner’s body or you can just keep it there and let it melt.

The cold dripping water gives sensations that can make toes curl and people run wild with ecstasy. You can also use ice while performing oral sex to heighten the stimulation or to prolong the duration of oral play.

Most users have reported positive feedback for ice play. While some people report that they have aversion to anything hot, most of our users said that they would be looking forward towards the involvement of ice in the bedroom by their partners.

4. Tying Up Your Partner

Tying up your partner can bring a distinct new flavor to your relationship. You can start by simply tying up the hands or legs of your partner, or by just tying up the hands or legs to the bed post or you can get creative and devise something of your own thinking.

The idea here is to restrict some function of your partner, so that they can get creative and surprise you with their devotion towards pleasing you.

5. Role Playing

Role playing can come to the rescue when you have become bored and you want to spice things up a bit in your bedroom. You can choose a lot of themes available on the internet today, depending upon your mutual interests.

Flickr/ Jens Baitinger

You can extend the roleplay over a few days or even weeks depending upon how deeply engrossed you both are in the process. Roleplays have been demonstrated to bring back the spark in the relationship when many relationships are becoming more of a ritual than something couples look excitingly forward too.

6. The Amazon Position

The amazon position is something not many people have heard of generally. While in basic terms it can be dismissed just as a sex position, it is much more than that. It provides your female partner the control over you which no other sex position does. It is both sexually enticing and empowering for your partner both at the same time.

Source: Instagram

In this position, the man lief down and lifts his legs. The women then gets on top of him, and has his organ inserted. This position provides both partners pleasure and provides women the control they have always wanted over a man.

7. The Spread Eagle

This can be quite fun if it is done right. However, you do need some sense of approval and submission from your partner. Your partner can be belly up or belly down, depending upon your preference. The idea is to tie each limb of your partner to a bedpost, and preferably blindfold him or her. The game then goes on to teasing your partner with a variety of touches and stimulations, such as gentle strokes or even tight spanks. The idea is to deprive your partner of the visual stimulus and then enjoy when they become ripe with anticipation of what is coming next. However this act requires deep understanding of each other’s needs and the presence of a deep bond of trust. Hence, this is something you should not be rushing into. You can always use escorts to practice before trying it with your real partner.


So we have listed our top picks of things for you to do this weekend. We hope you like this article and some of the things that we have mentioned figure into your list of things to do this weekend.