How To Know The Relationship Is Heading To End.

It is everybody’s dream to have a successful relationship that brings happiness and warmth to their life. By having relationships, people hope to enjoy love, care, and good times with their partners, but what many might not know is that being in a relationship brings good health to lovers. On one hand, pleasure and good mood boost the immune system. On the other hand, relationships reflect on the social life positively, which reflects in turn on the mental health. When people first fall in love, they feel the need to be close to each other and enjoy every moment they spend together. Also, they express their love in different ways; the way the look to each other, their body language, and their speech, everything tells how much they love each other. However, things might not go the same way forever, and hot feelings start to cool after a while. Although partners may not say it verbally, there are some signs that their relationship is heading to its end, for example, when they evade each other, have boring sex, or cheat.

To begin with, while at the beginning of the relationship partners take advantage of every minute to communicate or meet, they start to evade each other when their feelings change. For example, they may avoid looking in each other’s eyes, while that was very special in the beginning, for eyes usually reflect the true emotions that people have in their hearts. Also, they might not answer their cell phones or turn them off most of the time, whereas in some point they begged them to ring. Moreover, if partners have lately had a lot of excuses not to go out together, it may be good indicator they will break up.

In addition, sexual relationship is a good criterion that measures how warm the relationship is. When people start to date, their sex drive could be in the top, and they feel eager to say and hear naughty words, touch, kiss, and have sex with their lovers.  However, when they reach the point that a touch or kiss doesn’t start a fire, it is hard for them to say” I love you”, or they feel bored or dissatisfaction when having sex or have it as a duty, not a thing they are dying to do, most probably they are heading to separation.

Last but not least, cheating is a clear message that at least one partner isn’t interested in the relationship any more. When people cheat, they are either bored with their partners, or they have been attracted to someone else, but in both cases their relationship is suffering and doesn’t have sense any more. Therefore, cheating might be the strongest or the clearest indicator that the relationship is almost over because no one accepts to live with someone who loves another person.

All in all, as it is easy to figure out that people are in love, it might also be easy to notice that their relationship is going to a dead end with the help of some sings, such as evading each other, losing their excitement about physical sex, and cheating.